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Song Cycle For Trumpet Unaccompanied

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Song Cycle For Trumpet Unaccompanied

Michael Cotten
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Featured at the 2017 International Women's Brass Conference by Dr. Brittany Hendricks

Featured at the 2018 International Trumpet Guild National Conference "New Works Recital" performed by Marissa Youngs. 

The song cycle captures an essence of the dramatic art of storytelling. Told in five parts, the cycle depicts an old many telling a story of two lovers. Each movement has both a title and incipit which helps advance the narrative. The cycle is to be played in the dark by either candle or lantern light.


I. A Tale Begins - The old man begins his tale

II. Butterflies in the Redwoods - Two begin a walk to leave as one

III. Flowering Song - Love blossoms and inevitable fades

IV. A Waltz Remembered - The lover dances with arms wrapped around the waist of a memory.

V. The Tale Ends - We end the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.

Featured on "Ascent: New Music For Trumpet" by Jason Dovel.



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